Monday, October 17, 2011

Pets Patch = Epic Fail

Okay, okay. So I didn't actually download the patch myself. Some well respected modders in the community have been downloaded it and have noticed some extreme bad stuff. Slots no longer work on CC. According to the modders who are in the process of testing this right now: "it actually affects everything that contains slot resources in the package - which will be almost every object ever but only noticeable on ones where the slots are used for interactions".

From what they are seeing, EA changed how slots work so their content will be seamlessly updated. But any custom content that (as mentioned above) contains the slot resources in the package, the slots will not update to this new version. It will have to be hand fixed by each creator. It doesn't seem like there should be a problem for anyone that does not use third party content. 

I AM one of those people who uses third party content, and love it, and am extremely disappointed that such a thing has occurred. I have a good number of CC cribs, tables, beds, etc and am not interested in losing them, just so I can play the game. Therefore, even though my Pets was preordered and is available for pickup tomorrow morning, I doubt it will be installed and patched until there is either a fix or my favorite creators get a chance to update their items. 

Creators out there, I feel for you! I hope that you don't get too discouraged and will fix your lovely items for us. Not that I blame you if you choose to do otherwise. This is a sad, sad day for the modding community, especially given that there was no warning, notice, anything from EA to even hint that this could be a problem. Epic fail EA, epic fail. 

So, the Avendales may have to wait even longer for me to get back to them.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Story Time Contest

I am currently hosting a contest over on MTS that is a little bit different than most. Instead of building or creating a sim, this one involves writing a short story that will be developed through 5 chapters. If you are interested in participating, please check out the thread over there. The application round is now open until October 15, 7:00am PST. Hopefully I will see some of you around!

Story Time Contest Link

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Simmin's Chapel

At the request of my dear friend Kayla, I am posting my St. Simmin's Chapel for your downloading pleasure. It was created to be one of a few wedding locations that I added in Twinbrook for my legacy. I do warn you that it was a fair amount of CC and store content as it was not originally intended for release. Of course, you always have the option of not downloading the required content and just making it your own. It is zoned as a small park and sits on a 30x30 lot. To see pictures of this lot in an actual wedding, please see my blog: Chapter 2-4: Going to the Chapel.


 St. Simmins Chapel Download

Custom Content Required, Not Included:
Around the Sims 3 Church Set and Flowers Market
Whitewaterwood's Two Tile Wishing Window
Lemoncandy's Syngonium

Store All of Me Mirror (75 points)
Store Divided Partition (25 points)
Store Victorious Coffee Table (50 points)
Store Monarch Dresser (75 points)
Store Vaindenburger Chair (100 points)
Store Masked Chair (75 points)
Store Bon Vivant Buffet (75 points)
Store Porterman Glass Door (100 points)
Store Flambeaux Wall Lamp (25 points)
Store Cellar Arch (free)
Store New Years Nectar (free)
Store Statue of an Unknown Seamstress *
Store Divine Divan *
Store Romantique Dresser *
Store Romantique Chaise *
Store The Roundabout *

* All items marked with * were part of the Storybook set which is no longer available.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Contest Closing

The contest is now coming to a close. There have been 4 entries, though there is still time for a few more. The entries can be viewed on the EA forum. Also, sim points have been added to the prize so if there is anyone who is interested, get cracking!

The timer has now been changed and can be found here.

Winner will be announced tomorrow unless I get a bazillion entries between now and closing time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Years Ago Today...

I married my best friend and the person I could always count on. Leading a life in the military, either as the Marine or the wife, is not an easy life to live. The constant moving, deployments, training, politics, and moving again make the days rather trying. However, it's always easier when you have someone there for you. I couldn't ask for a better someone than my husband. Sure, our relationship is not perfect. Sure, there are times when we want to kick each others shins until they're purple, but, as the sun goes down and we crawl into bed together, there is no place else that I would rather be.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

So, this is NOT a sim post, at all. Just a random, excited post from a girl who got her very first, brand new car. After 7 hours at a dealership, wheeling and dealing, bargaining and saying no, we finally worked out a deal that we were happy with and I am the VERY proud new owner of a 2011 Inferno Orange, 6.2 L V8,  6 speed manual transmission, RS detailing package, Camaro SS. I am a lucky woman!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterfly Lagoon

Out of sheer boredom the last couple of days, I have been browsing contest forums. They always seem like a good way to rouse my creativity and get my working on something. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, you know?

Anyway, this contest was for a remodel of a home in Sunset Valley. I chose Mosquito Cove for a multitude of reasons. 1) When I first bought the Sims 3, it was the first house I ever moved someone into and 2) it has SO much potential. I love the pretty, scenic lots and that pond is just asking for help.

So, after much work and head scratching (no exterior walls were allowed to be demolished), I can up with a rebuild that fit the criteria but just looked much more inviting. It now has 2 bedrooms, full bath upstairs and a toilet and washer downstairs. The pond has been upgraded, beautiful flowers and garden added, butterflies and pond spawners have moved in, and, of course my favorite, a covered, arched footbridge leading to the house. No more ugly, divided pond with terrain look.

I am rather strange so I came up with a story for how the house turned from that hideous shack that would look rather well situated in the swamps of Twinbrook to this lovely home you see before you: When Emmanuelle Bellamont had to leave her beloved french country side, she was devastated. She had been offered a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Sunset Valley, and she knew she had to take it but wished she could bring her lovely estate with her. When she came across Mosquito Cove, she knew she had to have it. Though it would require much money and work, the location alone was worth it. When she finished, she had a garden for her growing her own ingredients, furnishings in warm colors, and a homey feel that almost competed with her native town. Unfortunately, shortly after finishing the renovations, Emmanuelle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and decided to leave Sunset Valley and take her little Claire back to France to meet her father. This home can now be yours! 

Now for the pretty pictures!



It does require some store content and 2 pieces of custom content.
  • Provence Set from the Store (I used almost everything from this set)
  • The chair and sofa from Club Vaindenburger set from the Store
  • Faire End Table and Faire Wheel Barrow from Faire Folk Life from the Store
  • Bumper Crop Expansion Set by QBuilderz
  • Dicke Berta Stove by Plasticbox
If you do not have these items and do not wish to buy/download them, please be aware that your lot will not look exactly like the pictures. Without these items, the game will replace them with something you already have though the colors may be Enjoy!

Download Butterfly Lagoon

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sim Contest - Win a Role in the Avendale Legacy!

Alright everyone! I have decided to have a contest here for a sim. The winning sim will receive a character role in my legacy story, found here. Since Generation 2 just started, chances are your sim will be interacting with Shane and Tanner. What is in store for those two as the years go by? Is there a sworn enemy, yet undiscovered, to stand in the way of their dreams? A seductive temptress to lead them down the path of immorality? Or perhaps an older mentor, to give them the advice they're lacking from the loss of their mother? Your sim may prove to be the answer.

Now for the RULES:
  • Must be a single sim, of any age. (Keep in mind that, according to legacy rules, any sims placed using Edit Town, may not be added to the legacy family. In-game born sims can join the family).
  • Sim MUST be unique: no binned sims, no sim from previous contests or uploads, and absolutely, NO sim stealing.
  • 3 photos need to be included: 1 headshot (shoulders up, white background, good lighting), 1 full body shot (white background, good lighting), and 1 scene shot that gives an idea of who they are.
  • You MAY include one extra photo (for a maximum of 4, as long as you have the required three) of whatever you want, regarding your sim: hobby, a shot from their past to go with the backstory, anything goes as long as it follows any other rules posted.
  • Included character bio: aspiration, likes, traits.
  • Sim must also have a backstory that gives me and any judges an idea who of they are. This sim will be a new resident to Twinbrook so their backstory should include where they are moving from and why. 500 words maximum.
  • NO CC allowed shown or packaged with the sim (see below for exception).
  • NO photo-shopping images.
Now for the Contest Details:
  • Contest will start immediately. As in, now. Like right now....get to it!
  • Contest will end on Sunday, September 18th, at 11:59pm PST. Click here for a countdown.
  • Entries should be submitted via comments.
  • Any comments received/edited AFTER the close of the contest will not be valid.
  • Entries from anonymous posters will NOT be accepted; please have either your own blog or a homepage on a large site like thesims3 or MTS. Anon comments/entries will be deleted.

This contest is NOT a pretty contest. The winning sim will be chosen on uniqueness and ability to add something to the story. Looks will play a part but is not the entire point of the contest.

Now, as a side note, I use LadyFrontBum Nice default skins with her Silk face. I also use Escand's default Oh My! eyes. This is just a note to let you know that your sim may look different in my game than your screenshots. If you have LFB Nice skin/Silk face and/or Escand's eyes, that may be used in your screenshots because it will be how it shows up in my game, but is not required. This is the ONLY exception to CC rule.

Story and Riverview Update

I am pleased to say that I have finally caught everyone up with my legacy. For quite awhile, I had been posting once a week and working ahead. That turned into being almost a generation ahead of what was posted so I switched tactics. I am now updating as I finish a chapter which will make things more interesting and will give my readers a chance to participate when it comes time for new heirs and such. I have many ideas and plots that I'd love to use but we'll see if they make it in. You can find the updated story here, along with other information regarding my stories. Stay tuned for more juicy details and chances to participate and become part of the legacy.

In other news, I have, once again, started working on Riverview. It has been so long since I have worked on it that I almost forgot everything that still needs to be done. And, geez, it's a lot. At least routing is pretty much done. Just lots and lots of lots to finish. And spawners. Can't forget those pesky things. Oh, and bushes for armiel. She'd never forgive me if Riverview was barren of bush. And...well, you get the picture. The list goes on and on. Hopefully I will have some update pictures in the near future and, maybe if you're good, a beta version for people to test.

So, back to the grind of CAW for now and, soon, to the Avendales!

As a side note, I just want to really, really, thank my lovely friend Wally for being so supportive and listening to me whine and complain. Definitely deserves a great big thank you and hug!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

War. War never changes.

After changes required a couple of times (lemme just tell you, taking pictures for 6 lots is time consuming and so easy to botch), my lots were finally approved! This was my first multi-part upload, my first trashy, extreme CFE lots, and my first time doing an animation for a thumbnail. All in all, a lot of firsts and I am proud that it is up. Though, needless to say, rather relieved it's done as well. Now I can continue my work on Riverview and work on my stories as well.

If you want to download any of these lots please visit my thread, A Series of 6 Fallout Homes on MTS.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fallout Lots and Legacy Stories

So I finally finished the Fallout lots. They are ready for moderation in the MTS queue. I will link them as soon as they are ready.

I also have taken to posting my legacy story on my other blog, located here. I shall be updating the story as I finish a chapter, rather than the once a week that I started at. Also, due to asking around and inspiration from Benno's blog, I will likely be doing an heir poll as the time gets close each generation. So stayed tuned if you want a chance to affect the outcome of the story.

Lastly, I will also be working on the story of the Kidd's, as you saw in a previous post (the family at Melon Avenue). Hopefully, I can start working on that one soon and be ready to have it up in the next couple of days. I haven't decided if it will be a legacy or just a story of the already made generations. Needless to say, IF it does go legacy, it won't follow the traditional rules of the legacy challenge. Anyway, stay tuned for all kinds of updates soon!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Fallout Structures Done!

I love it when inspiration hits me! I was able to push myself to get two of the houses done today. Hopefully, I can get another 2 done tomorrow. I may end up adding some clutter to Minefield but we'll see. Anyway, here are the shots!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Framework from Fallout 3

I've always loved the sims. And, ever since getting married, my husband has got me hooked on Fallout. Namely, Fallout 3. Well, MTS is having an apocalypse theme this month and I have decided to attempt to make a series of homes from Fallout for the theme. I am a bit into one of the homes but not much. On my list are Big Town, Grayditch, Megaton, Minefield, and Springvale. If I am feeling particularly suicidal, I may decide to attempt Tenpenny Towers as well, but we'll see how long the rest takes me. Below are just the shots, obviously, of the Fallout version. I will update as I get things worked on.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1329 Prescott Street - Halliwell Manor

1329 Prescott Street is the home of the legendary Charmed ones. It sits atop a spiritual and Wiccan nexus and can be swayed to either good or evil, giving a power boost to those that control it. The home has been owned by the Halliwell line for three generations. In the ownership of the sisters, the home provides a base for good and a shelter for the family that sacrifices so much to protect the innocent.

The home follows blueprints as carefully as I could possibly get it. There are some changes, such as the house being wider on the exterior to fit everything inside. Also, the front room has been left empty. At one point, Piper comments that Grams had a sewing room. When Phoebe and Paige move out, a room becomes the fitness room so that front room could become any of those things, depending on your needs. Also WARNING: the basement is inaccessible. I did not discover this until the house was completely done. The basement stairs placed with no problem and no cheats(at the very beginning of lot building, before I had the rest of the foundation). However, my sim was not able to go down the short flight and then down the long flight as needed. If you want to use the basement, just teleport the sim there. It is the ONLY part of the manor that is inaccessible which I have to say is pretty damn good with all the nooks and crannies, clutter, and non-matching sets with floorplans. If you don't like this, don't download. You have been warned.

After a year of waiting (since the last one) I finally finished the manor and correctly! Thanks to missroxor, I decided to enter it into a Charmed manor contest (no results yet) which really gave me the inspiration I needed to get it done. Sometimes a deadline is all it takes! The version for the contest is a little different than the one I will be posting here. The contest version has no CC but is pretty heavy on the store content while this version is opposite, although most CC used is for aesthetics and clutter only. It is up to you to choose what you want.


The CC list is as follows; NONE is included with this download:

Build Content:
3 New Porch Fences by Flabaliki
Simple Siding Patterns by Plasticbox
White Trim Black Roof by tammy_trauma
Sunroom Windows by dgandy

Buy Content:
One More Slot Please by granthes
Mini Tvs by DaveyDaVinci
Piano (for LN) by Around the Sims 3
Flowers Market by Around the Sims 3
Watering Can by Around the Sims 3
Pepper and Salt by Around the Sims 3
Coffee Mug Tree by Around the Sims 3
Ye Olde Grandfather Clock by Ambular
Arcan Living Room by Sims Design Avenue
Early American Table by dgandy
Wedded Bliss Conversion by purplepaws
Tuscan Dining Table and Chair by VitaSims
3 Tier Flower Basket by VitaSims
Chair with Bow by VitaSims
Basket of Fruit and Bottle of Wine by VitaSims
Set of Candles by lemoncandy
Stuff on Fridge Mod by cmomoney
Shelf Clutter Pack by cmomoney
Potted Pansies by cmomoney
Potted Daises by cmomoney
Cristal Bottles from DYM Creations

Store Content:
Rectronik Lectronik (100 points)
Foyer Frills (25 points)
Poetic Justice Wall Sconce (came with the Storybook Set)
Generation Clock (was promo item)

For the items in maroon that the store no longer has; if you have them great! If not, they should be replaced by the game. As with most of the items, they are for decor. I highly recommend, at the very least, the build content, the stove, piano, and mini TVs. However, if you want the home to look as it does in pictures, you will need all the items listed.

Manor Download Link

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4081 E Melon Avenue

I made another house, before starting to play Generations so the new game/setting would be perfect. Preparation is key! It is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath family home with a converted garage into a family room. The home will be the stage for my new story about the Gallop family.

Joy Gallop has recently been widowed and is left to help raise her two granddaughters while her wild child daughter, Katherine, goes out to party and have fun. Katherine dislikes children and isn't sure how she ended up with not only one, but TWO, of them. Emma and Eden Kidd (who share Emma's father's last name), are as different as two children can be. Will Joy be able to raise the girls well? Will Katherine stay with her family or leave for the bright lights of Bridgeport? Will Emma and Eden grow to be friends or will their conflicting personalities drive them apart? Stay tuned!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jessica Ivy

I finally got around to making my self-sim. Features wise, she seems to fit the bill. However, I don't think it all adds up to look like me. I think she adorable anyway and couldn't resist taking loads of pictures of her! So I shall share with you. :)


To look as she does in the pictures you shall need a few things:
Nice Skin | LadyFrontBum
Silk Face |LadyFrontBum
Freckles | LadyFrontBum
Naval Piercing | LadyFrontBum 
Oh My, Eyes! | Escand

Jessica was packaged WITHOUT this content and for the skin, unless you get the default version, you will have to place it yourself. She was made with patch 1.22 .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh My Soles!

 Yes, soles as in shoes. From my love of flip-flops? Never mind.

Anyway, it has been INCREDIBLY too long since I last updated. I have been constantly working on my projects, just a tad lazy to update here. Riverview is still in the process of being worked on and the latest updates can be found over in the creator feedback forum on MTS. Here are a few of the latest pictures of the overview though. Riverview Feedback Forum is where you will find the latest pictures and news relating to the project. I have discovered a snag it seems though. I can install the game just fine, however anyone with Generations EP and latest update cannot. So, we might be at a standstill, at least testing-wise until I get GEN.

In another news, I have started a Legacy story. That too can be found on MTS (yes, yes, I know, not wise to put all the eggs in the same basket and what not). Rebecca is a young woman, who orphaned at an early age by indifferent parents, heads off to Twinbrook to start over, hoping to find love but never really believing that it will be within her reach. Read it here.
Lastly, I will be hosting a story contest some time in the near future. Yes, that's right, MTS again. It will, hopefully, challenge the contestants to use both their minds and picture taking skills to tell a story, any story, in 5 chapters. It will be for the Sims 3 and at the moment, I am still needing judges as well as exuberant contestants. Keep an eye out for an update when the first round opens.