Thursday, August 26, 2010

Foundation E = Halliwell Manor

For the foundational building, foundation E, I chose to recreate the Halliwell Manor from the TV drama Charmed. I am pretty happy with the way that it turned out, even if it took me close to 72 hours to finish (lots of time for me). It was all that clutter. Of course, some liberties had to be made as no basement could be added and there wasn't a small spot on the back for the mud room. Maybe, if I decide to upload it (once I take out all of the CC) I will add those things and rework it a little.

For other entries on the same foundation (or to see other foundational building ideas) go to: MTS Foundational Building

A more recent, more correct version has been uploaded to this blog and to MTS. Both versions are the same. You can find it here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Saga Begins...

Oh yes, this will really be a saga. I have started my first custom hood in CAW and I don't know how well it will go. I am a complete newbie at this tool. So far, my experience with TS3 has been building and...wait for it...more building. The map below is what I am hoping to accomplish. Expect many rants and raves as my progress crawls along at a sloth's pace.