Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterfly Lagoon

Out of sheer boredom the last couple of days, I have been browsing contest forums. They always seem like a good way to rouse my creativity and get my working on something. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, you know?

Anyway, this contest was for a remodel of a home in Sunset Valley. I chose Mosquito Cove for a multitude of reasons. 1) When I first bought the Sims 3, it was the first house I ever moved someone into and 2) it has SO much potential. I love the pretty, scenic lots and that pond is just asking for help.

So, after much work and head scratching (no exterior walls were allowed to be demolished), I can up with a rebuild that fit the criteria but just looked much more inviting. It now has 2 bedrooms, full bath upstairs and a toilet and washer downstairs. The pond has been upgraded, beautiful flowers and garden added, butterflies and pond spawners have moved in, and, of course my favorite, a covered, arched footbridge leading to the house. No more ugly, divided pond with terrain look.

I am rather strange so I came up with a story for how the house turned from that hideous shack that would look rather well situated in the swamps of Twinbrook to this lovely home you see before you: When Emmanuelle Bellamont had to leave her beloved french country side, she was devastated. She had been offered a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Sunset Valley, and she knew she had to take it but wished she could bring her lovely estate with her. When she came across Mosquito Cove, she knew she had to have it. Though it would require much money and work, the location alone was worth it. When she finished, she had a garden for her growing her own ingredients, furnishings in warm colors, and a homey feel that almost competed with her native town. Unfortunately, shortly after finishing the renovations, Emmanuelle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and decided to leave Sunset Valley and take her little Claire back to France to meet her father. This home can now be yours! 

Now for the pretty pictures!



It does require some store content and 2 pieces of custom content.
  • Provence Set from the Store (I used almost everything from this set)
  • The chair and sofa from Club Vaindenburger set from the Store
  • Faire End Table and Faire Wheel Barrow from Faire Folk Life from the Store
  • Bumper Crop Expansion Set by QBuilderz
  • Dicke Berta Stove by Plasticbox
If you do not have these items and do not wish to buy/download them, please be aware that your lot will not look exactly like the pictures. Without these items, the game will replace them with something you already have though the colors may be Enjoy!

Download Butterfly Lagoon

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  1. Lovely house, what did you use to make the bridge?