Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Simmin's Chapel

At the request of my dear friend Kayla, I am posting my St. Simmin's Chapel for your downloading pleasure. It was created to be one of a few wedding locations that I added in Twinbrook for my legacy. I do warn you that it was a fair amount of CC and store content as it was not originally intended for release. Of course, you always have the option of not downloading the required content and just making it your own. It is zoned as a small park and sits on a 30x30 lot. To see pictures of this lot in an actual wedding, please see my blog: Chapter 2-4: Going to the Chapel.


 St. Simmins Chapel Download

Custom Content Required, Not Included:
Around the Sims 3 Church Set and Flowers Market
Whitewaterwood's Two Tile Wishing Window
Lemoncandy's Syngonium

Store All of Me Mirror (75 points)
Store Divided Partition (25 points)
Store Victorious Coffee Table (50 points)
Store Monarch Dresser (75 points)
Store Vaindenburger Chair (100 points)
Store Masked Chair (75 points)
Store Bon Vivant Buffet (75 points)
Store Porterman Glass Door (100 points)
Store Flambeaux Wall Lamp (25 points)
Store Cellar Arch (free)
Store New Years Nectar (free)
Store Statue of an Unknown Seamstress *
Store Divine Divan *
Store Romantique Dresser *
Store Romantique Chaise *
Store The Roundabout *

* All items marked with * were part of the Storybook set which is no longer available.

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