Friday, September 2, 2011

Sim Contest - Win a Role in the Avendale Legacy!

Alright everyone! I have decided to have a contest here for a sim. The winning sim will receive a character role in my legacy story, found here. Since Generation 2 just started, chances are your sim will be interacting with Shane and Tanner. What is in store for those two as the years go by? Is there a sworn enemy, yet undiscovered, to stand in the way of their dreams? A seductive temptress to lead them down the path of immorality? Or perhaps an older mentor, to give them the advice they're lacking from the loss of their mother? Your sim may prove to be the answer.

Now for the RULES:
  • Must be a single sim, of any age. (Keep in mind that, according to legacy rules, any sims placed using Edit Town, may not be added to the legacy family. In-game born sims can join the family).
  • Sim MUST be unique: no binned sims, no sim from previous contests or uploads, and absolutely, NO sim stealing.
  • 3 photos need to be included: 1 headshot (shoulders up, white background, good lighting), 1 full body shot (white background, good lighting), and 1 scene shot that gives an idea of who they are.
  • You MAY include one extra photo (for a maximum of 4, as long as you have the required three) of whatever you want, regarding your sim: hobby, a shot from their past to go with the backstory, anything goes as long as it follows any other rules posted.
  • Included character bio: aspiration, likes, traits.
  • Sim must also have a backstory that gives me and any judges an idea who of they are. This sim will be a new resident to Twinbrook so their backstory should include where they are moving from and why. 500 words maximum.
  • NO CC allowed shown or packaged with the sim (see below for exception).
  • NO photo-shopping images.
Now for the Contest Details:
  • Contest will start immediately. As in, now. Like right now....get to it!
  • Contest will end on Sunday, September 18th, at 11:59pm PST. Click here for a countdown.
  • Entries should be submitted via comments.
  • Any comments received/edited AFTER the close of the contest will not be valid.
  • Entries from anonymous posters will NOT be accepted; please have either your own blog or a homepage on a large site like thesims3 or MTS. Anon comments/entries will be deleted.

This contest is NOT a pretty contest. The winning sim will be chosen on uniqueness and ability to add something to the story. Looks will play a part but is not the entire point of the contest.

Now, as a side note, I use LadyFrontBum Nice default skins with her Silk face. I also use Escand's default Oh My! eyes. This is just a note to let you know that your sim may look different in my game than your screenshots. If you have LFB Nice skin/Silk face and/or Escand's eyes, that may be used in your screenshots because it will be how it shows up in my game, but is not required. This is the ONLY exception to CC rule.

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