Monday, October 17, 2011

Pets Patch = Epic Fail

Okay, okay. So I didn't actually download the patch myself. Some well respected modders in the community have been downloaded it and have noticed some extreme bad stuff. Slots no longer work on CC. According to the modders who are in the process of testing this right now: "it actually affects everything that contains slot resources in the package - which will be almost every object ever but only noticeable on ones where the slots are used for interactions".

From what they are seeing, EA changed how slots work so their content will be seamlessly updated. But any custom content that (as mentioned above) contains the slot resources in the package, the slots will not update to this new version. It will have to be hand fixed by each creator. It doesn't seem like there should be a problem for anyone that does not use third party content. 

I AM one of those people who uses third party content, and love it, and am extremely disappointed that such a thing has occurred. I have a good number of CC cribs, tables, beds, etc and am not interested in losing them, just so I can play the game. Therefore, even though my Pets was preordered and is available for pickup tomorrow morning, I doubt it will be installed and patched until there is either a fix or my favorite creators get a chance to update their items. 

Creators out there, I feel for you! I hope that you don't get too discouraged and will fix your lovely items for us. Not that I blame you if you choose to do otherwise. This is a sad, sad day for the modding community, especially given that there was no warning, notice, anything from EA to even hint that this could be a problem. Epic fail EA, epic fail. 

So, the Avendales may have to wait even longer for me to get back to them.


  1. Boo EA! How could they do this! (Shakes fist!) I'm actually not getting pets so i'm hoping this won't affect me but then there is a new patch out which i'm wavering over installing in case it makes such a change. I couldn't play my game without CC and MODs it would just suck :(

  2. The patch is what actually caused this. So people who patched and don't even have Pets yet are experiencing the problem. Luckily, Inge_Jones found a way to fix the CC, now we just have to wait for the creators to repair the broken stuff.

    If you're not getting pets, I wouldn't recommend patching. I may rename my entire Sims 3 folder and just let it sit as back-up and play a vanilla game to get used to pets. Then, when there are fixes, move stuff back over.

    *sigh* Why do you hate us so, EA? We make you rich?

  3. I just realised this, so i'm not gonna patch but i'm guessing that at some point i will have to patch once Mods like master controller etc are updated? Argh i hate this i'm not that great at figuring out mods and cc and stuff and i'm scared i'm gonna ruin my game!

  4. Twallan is working on it now and actually has a good number of mods fixed. Some require in game testing but he reckons they should be out this week.

    I think if you just keep the mods you have and keep the patch level you are at, you should be fine. I did this with Generations. I didn't get it until July or so and went about my merry way, none the wiser. Hopefully, whatever you decide won't be too bad!