Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mummy, I No See You

So, Jessica Ivy and I were exploring tombs today. I am in the process of making my first one and figured I would play some to see how things were set up, traps laid out, etc. I discovered a weird glitch. As a mummy would pop out of its sarcophagus, my sim would get stuck in an ever-lasting loop doing whatever animation she was currently doing. First time, I just reset my sim, teleported her back and went on my merry way. Second time, I was rather amused and let it play through a bit to see what would happen. Below is the product of that experience:

Mr. Calvinotep Larimoropolese (yes, that's his name) wanders out his tomb, ready to attack Jessica Ivy. 

 "What, no reaction? Okay, what about when I do....this!!!"

 "Hrrm, nothing."
"Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away," she's thinking.


"Eureka, I've got it."

"Some mild groping appears to be in order. And...nothing, what are you, an abomination of nature? This ALWAYS works."

"Ah, well, one more time for good measure."

"Whenever you're ready princess. Just you wait."


  1. ROFLMFBO That's too funny! I'm glad you snapped the pics!

  2. ROFL!!! That is hilarious!! some glitches are just too funny!