Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Riverview Butt Kicking!

Okay, honestly, it's more like heaven butt kicking. The score is heaven - 0, Riverview - 1. Or 10. Well, lots. Honestly, it seems every time I open CAW there is something else to discourage me from continuing. First it was lagging, then it was me having lots of interiors to do, then it was realizing that I had made some lots too small and needing to redesign entire acres of land. Finally, after numerous crashes, borked saves, and redoing the same "gently smooth" action at least 20 times, I finally got things going again.
Or so I thought.'s so frustrating. I look at it and think "Oh, I don't have that much to go" and then I start making lists in my head.
  • Spawners
  • Terrain
  • Bushes/plants
  • Interiors on at least half of the built buildings
  • At least 14 complete builds to go
  • 3-4 tombs to plan out, build/decorate, then booby trap
And the list just keeps going on. I've had really no testers so I have no idea what I might even be missing or have screwed up somewhere and need to fix later. And this is all BEFORE I start worrying about a population to go with it. And creating custom rabbit holes to release separately for those who like to use the insides for stories.

Will I ever get it finished?

I did finish some adorable houses that I really love a lot, rearranged some of the suburb 'historic' downtown area, and added a butterfly pavilion. I had planned on going with a similar landscape of outside of the pavilion but Kayla showed me some lovely pictures of New Zealand so now the pavilion is more tropical. 

That last is the butterfly pavilion. Am trying to think about to add a small, man made waterfall inside and, until I can figure it out, I've taken a break from it. But I think I have a pretty start. They are kinda crappy pictures but taking pictures in edit mode is harder than live mode and, I'm building so no sims at the moment.

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