Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lazily Passing the Days

Okay, well not really. I just started a new job on Friday so, hopefully, it will keep me busy. But lately sims just seem to bore me. I am completely out of inspiration for everything. I sit in front of my computer and stare and stare wondering if I should build or play. So I open up my legacy and play and then got annoyed with the toddlers and quit. So I open up my saved CAW world and stare at it, trying to figure out what lot to work on, and close it without making any changes. I then think of either starting a brand new CAW world or attempting a Random Legacy. So I open a new CAW world and stare at the vast expanse of green and close without any changes. Having nowhere to start is rather daunting. Then, I think I realize that I don't want to start a new legacy, random or not, in a crappy town. So I A) need to finish Aberstrathe, B) need to make a new one, or C) find one that I can be happy with. A and C are the more likely choices but, to be completely honest, I am a picky bitch. So, for now, I shall sit and wait for some of you in #create and just chat about randoms and hope something will inspire me.

Mindless staring commenced.

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  1. I am feeling you H, but I think it is also from being mentally tired from all these new beginnings we have. I am going to attempt playing sims tonight, but I would rather read >.< I am reading Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. I adore his books. But I am sick off all this research that has me glaring at the computer screen.