Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Piece of Heaven

Good news is, the job is going well. Granted, it is certainly not something I want to do with the rest of my life. Probably not even something I want to continue when James and I move to wherever we will be going next. However, it works to keep me busy and enables me to save money for many things: a new computer (yay for shiny new stuffz), my husband's arsenal, a babymoon, and, maybe even an actual baby.

Bad news is, the job keeps me from simming as much as I used to. I am more motivated to work on it when I have time but I have less time so I don't get as much done as I have in my head. The Kidds have pretty much all but been abandoned and I am not really interested in continuing them. Not that I was that far along anyway. I am only in Generation 4 of the Avendales. I would love to attempt a random legacy AND I had an idea for a non-legacy more soap-opera-y type of story. More on that later, maybe. Plus, I haven't uploaded anything in forever! I have some override mods that I feel are useful, but small, sitting in my mods folder that I use, that I just haven't cared enough to prepare an upload post. Should probably do that at some point.

I'd love to work on a lot or 3. Or upload my split level from Aberstrathe. That house may just be my pride and joy because of the detail in it. I had been saving it for the world download but that's never gonna happen. I'm not even being optimistic about it anymore.

It also appears that a lot of people would like me to host another story contest. I'm interested. Just need to find the time and come up with a template that is different than last time. And find judges, of course. That might be the hard part!

Maybe I will start working on the lot and the overrides soon. Then see where I am in the Avendales and contemplate if I can handle 2 stories at the same time.

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