Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh My Soles!

 Yes, soles as in shoes. From my love of flip-flops? Never mind.

Anyway, it has been INCREDIBLY too long since I last updated. I have been constantly working on my projects, just a tad lazy to update here. Riverview is still in the process of being worked on and the latest updates can be found over in the creator feedback forum on MTS. Here are a few of the latest pictures of the overview though. Riverview Feedback Forum is where you will find the latest pictures and news relating to the project. I have discovered a snag it seems though. I can install the game just fine, however anyone with Generations EP and latest update cannot. So, we might be at a standstill, at least testing-wise until I get GEN.

In another news, I have started a Legacy story. That too can be found on MTS (yes, yes, I know, not wise to put all the eggs in the same basket and what not). Rebecca is a young woman, who orphaned at an early age by indifferent parents, heads off to Twinbrook to start over, hoping to find love but never really believing that it will be within her reach. Read it here.
Lastly, I will be hosting a story contest some time in the near future. Yes, that's right, MTS again. It will, hopefully, challenge the contestants to use both their minds and picture taking skills to tell a story, any story, in 5 chapters. It will be for the Sims 3 and at the moment, I am still needing judges as well as exuberant contestants. Keep an eye out for an update when the first round opens.

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