Sunday, August 28, 2011

War. War never changes.

After changes required a couple of times (lemme just tell you, taking pictures for 6 lots is time consuming and so easy to botch), my lots were finally approved! This was my first multi-part upload, my first trashy, extreme CFE lots, and my first time doing an animation for a thumbnail. All in all, a lot of firsts and I am proud that it is up. Though, needless to say, rather relieved it's done as well. Now I can continue my work on Riverview and work on my stories as well.

If you want to download any of these lots please visit my thread, A Series of 6 Fallout Homes on MTS.


  1. These are all amazing and very atmospheric! I must say though i love the big town and it might fit nicely into an upcoming story line i'm toying with, would you mind if i used it?

  2. No, absolutely not. In fact, I would be honored to have anyone use my work, as long as it credited as built by me. That's the reason I upload them. :)

  3. Awesome thanks! Of course i will give you all the credit, i'll have to download it tonight and try it out as i know it's a big lot size and i'm not sure where it will fit just yet as Bridgeport seems to only have small lot sizes!