Sunday, December 5, 2010

Riverview Overhaul

Riverview has long since been my favorite town, however none of the new EP shops and rabbit holes are introduced. So I have decided to do a Riverview overhaul. Riverview; not so sleepy and rural anymore? Let's pretend this is sometime in the future and the city has expanded! This involves basically the same set-up as before: any terrain changes have been extremely subtle (changes in bridges, extending the island just a tad, etc). There are 4 different subzones: 
  • 1) City: Comprised of middle island
    • Has highrises
    • Mix of residential (5) and community lots, including some rabbit holes and bars
    • Subway system
  •  2) "Hollywood": Made up of larger mainland (with large hill)
    • Will include film studio
    • Homes for celebrities
    • School system? 
    • Subway into city (probably from studio)
  • 3) Suburbia: Half of smaller mainland
    •  Majority of homes, businesses, etc
    • Will include a subway station into the city
  • 4) Farmland: Other half of Suburbia mainland (side with fields)
    • Few homes, mostly farms
    • Military installation by mouth of river
I have not decided on names for streets or subdivisions yet. I have just finished placing the buildings in the city. I have to go back in and do some decorations and edit the actual interiors to fit with my ideas. Nothing has been done to any of the other subzones. I know that I would like a small "slum" area but I am not quite sure where yet. I would love some input, maybe some creative ideas! At some point, when I get a little farther in the project I will probably post on MTS CFF as well. 

As you can see in the picture below: I haven't done much with anything outside the city. I am trying to start inward and work my way out. Once I get the city pretty much complete, I will work on another zone (probably Suburbia) next. It's safe to say that the road layouts will change along with trees and decor being added. Please feel free to offer any advice!
Word of Warning: this project is going to probably be a long time coming. I am working full time (and the commute alone takes 2 hours a day) and I've got other obligations besides the sims. If this looks like a project you might be interested in having, please be patient. If not, you're still welcome to offer input! :)


  1. Oh that will be neat. I'm just now getting Late Night for a Christmas gift. So I can't wait to get into playing it once Chris gets home with it.